Light Manufacturing Insurance

There are many different types of Light Manufacturing that do manufacturing and fabrication. Each include different specialties and skills that are associated with risks. GRIT Insurance Group can tailor a package program that will provide protection against all risks that your business may have.

Some Light Manufacturing classifications Include:

  • Box and Container Manufacturing
  • Book Printing
  • Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries
  • Commercial and Retail Bakeries
  • Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
  • Clothing Manufacturers
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Fabric and Textile Mills
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing
  • Metal Stamping
  • Mills
  • Parts and Tools Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical, Medicinal, and Botanical Manufacturing
  • Soft Drink and Bottled Water Manufacturing
  • Shoes, Handbags, and other Leather Goods Manufacturing
  • Tobacco Manufacturing
  • Vehicle and Boat Manufacturing
  • Wood Preservation Companies
  • Wood Manufacturing Companies

Coverages Offered:

  • Product Liability
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Inland Marine
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Business Income
  • Errors and Omission
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Product Recall Insurance
  • Selling Price Insurance
Detailed List of SIC Descriptions

Accumulators (Mfrs)
Adhesives & Gluing Equipment-Mfrs
Aerospace Industries (Mfrs)
Air & Gas Compressors (Mfrs)
Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment-Mfrs
Air Conditioning & Heating-Service/Rpr
Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems
Air Conditioning Equip & Systems-Whls
Air Conditioning Equipment-Manufacturers
Air Conditioning Equipment-Repair
Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts (Whls)
Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts-Mfrs
Aircraft Engines (Whls)
Aircraft Equipment Parts & Supls-Mfrs
Aluminum (Whls)
Aluminum Extruded Products (Mfrs)
Ambulance Service
Animation Mechanisms-Display Sign (Mfrs)
Anodizing (Mfrs)
Architectural/Ornamental Mtl Work (Mfrs)
Assembly & Fabricating Service (Mfrs)
Atm Manufacturers
Automation Consultants
Automation Systems & Equipment-Mfrs
Automobile Body Shop Equip/Supls (Whls)
Automobile Body Shop Equipment-Mfrs
Automobile Body-Repairing & Painting
Automobile Bumpers Guards & Grills
Automobile Customizing
Automobile Dealers-New Cars
Automobile Detail & Clean-Up Service
Automobile Graphics (Mfrs)
Automobile Machine Shop Equip/Supls-Mfrs
Automobile Machine Shop Service
Automobile Paint
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mfrs
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Retail-New
Automobile Parts-Used & Rebuilt (Whls)
Automobile Repair/Svc-Equip & Supls-Mfrs
Automobile Repairing & Service
Automotive Stampings (Mfrs)
Bakers Equipment-Manufacturers
Ball & Roller Bearing (Mfrs)
Bank Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers
Barrels & Drums (Mfrs)
Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories-Retail
Beekeepers Supplies (Whls)
Bending Machinery (Mfrs)
Blast Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers
Boat Dealers Sales & Service
Boilers-New & Used (Whls)
Boilers-New & Used-Manufacturers
Boilers-Repairing & Cleaning
Bolts & Nuts (Whls)
Bolts & Nuts-Manufacturers
Bolts Nuts Screws Rivets/Washers (Mfrs)
Boxing Instruction
Buffing & Polishing (Mfrs)
Builders Hardware (Whls)
Building Materials
Building Materials-Wholesale
Burglar Alarm Systems & Monitoring-Mfrs
Bursting Machines (Mfrs)
Business Management Consultants
Cabinet Makers Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Calculating & Accounting Machines (Mfrs)
Calculating & Adding Machines/Supls-Mfrs
Calculating & Adding Machs/Supls (Whls)
Car Loading & Unloading
Car Washing & Polishing Equipment-Mfrs
Car Washing/Polishing Equip/Supls (Whls)
Carpet & Rug Cleaners
Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equip & Supls-Mfrs
Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equip/Supls (Whls)
Cash Registers & Supplies (Whls)
Castings-Steel (Mfrs)
Cellular Telephones (Services)
Cellular Telephones-Service & Repair
Centrifugal Machinery (Mfrs)
Chillers-Liquid (Mfrs)
Circuit Boards-Manufacturers
Cleaning Compounds (Whls)
Coatings-Protective-Applicators (Mfrs)
Coffee Roasting/Handling Equipment-Mfrs
Commercial Laundry Dryclean Machs (Mfrs)
Communications Equipment NEC (Mfrs)
Compactors-Waste-Industrial/Coml (Mfrs)
Composites (Mfrs)
Computer Consultants
Computer Parts & Supplies
Computer Peripherals (Mfrs)
Computer Software
Computer Software-Manufacturers
Computer Storage Devices (Mfrs)
Computer Terminals (Mfrs)
Computer-Software Developers
Computers & Computer Equipment Whls/Mfrs
Computers-Service & Repair
Concrete Breaking Cutting Equipment-Mfrs
Concrete Constr Forms & Acces (Whls)
Concrete Mixers-Manufacturers
Concrete Prods-Ex Block & Brick (Mfrs)
Concrete Reinforcements-Manufacturers
Concrete-Block & Brick (Mfrs)
Construction Equipment-Manufacturers
Construction Machinery & Equip (Mfrs)
Contractors-Equip/Supls-Dlrs/Svc (Whls)
Contractors-Equipment & Supls-Renting
Contractors-Equipment & Supls-Repair
Contractors-Oil Field
Controls Control Systems/Regulators-Mfrs
Controls Control Systs/Regulators (Whls)
Convention & Meeting Facilities & Svc
Conveyors & Conveying Equipment (Whls)
Conveyors & Conveying Equipment-Mfrs
Copying & Duplicating Machines & Supls
Copying Machines & Supplies-Mfrs
Counter Tops
Craft Supplies-Manufacturers
Crane Service
Cranes & Derricks (Whls)
Custom Compounding-Purchased Resin
Cylinders-Air & Hydraulic (Whls)
Cylinders-Air & Hydraulic-Manufacturers
Cylinders-Gas (Mfrs)
Data Processing Equipment-Manufacturers
Diamond Tools (Mfrs)
Die Castings (Whls)
Die Cutting (Mfrs)
Die Cutting Equipment & Supplies (Mfrs)
Digital Printing (Mfrs)
Distribution Centers (Whls)
Door & Gate Operating Devices
Door Closers & Checks-Manufacturers
Doors-Automatic (Mfrs)
Drilling & Boring Contractors
Drilling & Boring Equip & Supls (Whls)
Drilling & Boring Equip & Supls-Mfrs
Dry Wall Contractors Equip & Supl-Mfrs
Duct & Duct Fittings (Mfrs)
Electric Contractors
Electric Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale
Electric Equipment-Service & Repairing
Electric Lamp Bulbs & Tubes-Mfrs
Electric Motors-Dlrs/Repairing (Whls)
Electric Motors-Manufacturers
Electronic Coil & Transformers (Mfrs)
Electronic Instruments-Manufacturers
Electroplating/Polishing/Anodizing (Mfr)
Elevators-Sales & Service
Elevators-Supplies & Parts-Manufacturers
Energy Conservation Prods-Svcs-Systems
Energy Equipment Systems-Supplies (Mfrs)
Energy Management Systems & Products
Engineering & Architectural Services
Engines-Diesel (Whls)
Engines-Rebuilding & Exchanging
Engravers-Metal (Mfrs)
Environmental & Ecological Services
Etched Products-Metal Glass & Etc-Mfrs
Excavation Equipment Manufacturers
Expansion Bolts & Shields (Mfrs)
Expansion Joints (Mfrs)
Fabricated Pipe & Pipe Fittings (Mfrs)
Fabricated Plate Work-Boiler Shop (Mfrs)
Fabricated Structural Metal (Mfrs)
Fabricated Wire Products-Misc (Mfrs)
Fans-Industrial & Commercial (Whls)
Fans-Industrial & Commercial-Mfrs
Farm Equipment (Whls)
Farm Equipment-Manufacturers
Farm Equipment-Repairing & Parts-Mfrs
Farm Supplies (Whls)
Fasteners-Industrial (Whls)
Federal Government Contractors
Feed Mill Equipment & Supplies (Mfrs)
Fence (Whls)
Fence Contractors
Fiber Optics Cable (Whls)
Filtering Materials & Supplies (Mfrs)
Filters (Mfrs)
Filters-Air & Gas-Manufacturers
Filters-Liquid (Mfrs)
Filtration Equipment-Manufacturers
Fire Alarm Systems (Whls)
Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Department Equipment & Supls (Whls)
Fire Protection Consultants
Fire Protection Equipment & Supls (Whls)
Fire Protection Equipment & Supls-Mfrs
Fire Protection Service
Fireplace Equipment-Manufacturers
Fireplace Equipment-Wholesale
Floor Laying Refinishing & Resurfacing
Food Processing Equipment & Supls-Mfrs
Fork Lifts-Renting
Foundries-Steel (Mfrs)
Foundry Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Furnaces-Industrial (Mfrs)
Galvanizing (Mfrs)
Garden Centers
Gas (Lpg) Bottled Bulk Equip/Supl (Whls)
Gas-Ind & Medical-Cylinder & Bulk-Mfrs
Gas-Indstrl/Med-Cylinder & Bulk (Whls)
General Contractors
General Contractors-Residential Bldgs
General Ind Machinery/Equip NEC (Mfrs)
General Merchandise-Retail
Generators-Electric (Whls)
Glass-Auto Plate & Window & Etc
Granite (Whls)
Gratings (Mfrs)
Guard Rails
Gutters & Downspouts-Manufacturers
Hand Truck (Mfrs)
Health Clubs Studios & Gymnasiums
Heat Treating Metal (Mfrs)
Heaters-Industrial (Mfrs)
Heating Contractors
Heating Equipment & Systems (Whls)
Heating Equipment-Manufacturers
Heavy Construction Equipment-Rental
Home Improvements
Hose & Tubing-Flexible-Metal (Whls)
Hose Couplings & Fittings-Manufacturers
House Cleaning
Household Vacuum Cleaners (Mfrs)
Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Hydraulic Equipment-Manufacturers
Hydraulic Equipment-Repairing
Hygiene & Sanitary Appliance Mfrs
Ice Cream-Manufacturers Supplies (Mfrs)
Ignition Interlock Devices-Install & Svc
Importers (Whls)
Industrial Equipment & Supls-Repairing
Industrial Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Industrial Patterns (Mfrs)
Industrial Trucks Tractors/Trailers (Mfrs)
Industrial Valves (Mfrs)
Industrial/Coml Machinery/Equip NEC (Mfrs)
Information Technology Services
Installation/Monitoring-Security Systems
Insulation Contractors-Cold & Heat
Internal Combustion Engines NEC (Mfrs)
Irrigation Companies
Irrigation Systems & Equipment-Mfrs
Janitor Service
Janitors Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Janitors Equipment/Supplies (Whls)
Labeling Equipment (Whls)
Laminated Plstcs-Plate Sht/Profile
Landscape Contractors
Landscape Designers
Landscaping Equipment & Supplies-Whls
Lasers-Equipment & Service (Whls)
Lawn & Garden Equip & Supplies-Retail
Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supls-Whls
Lawn & Grounds Maintenance
Loading Dock Equipment-Manufacturers
Locks & Locksmiths
Lubricating Devices & Systems (Mfrs)
Machine Shops (Mfrs)
Machine Tools-Manufacturers
Machine Tools-Repairing/Rebldg (Whls)
Machinery Parts & Supplies (Mfrs)
Machinery-Moving Equipment-Manufacturers
Machinery-Specially Designed & Built
Magnesium & Magnesium Products (Mfrs)
Mailing Machines & Equipment-Mfrs
Manufacturers Distrs & Indl Products
Manufacturing-Augers & Trenchers
Material Handling Equipment (Whls)
Measuring Analyzing & Controlling Instrs
Measuring Machines (Mfrs)
Mechanical Handling Equipment Mfrs
Metal Cans (Mfrs)
Metal Cleaning
Metal Coatings (Mfrs)
Metal Doors Sash Frames & Trim (Mfrs)
Metal Fabricators
Metal Finishers (Mfrs)
Metal Goods-Manufacturers
Metal Stamping (Mfrs)
Metals-Base (Whls)
Millwork (Mfrs)
Minerals/Earths-Ground Or Treated (Mfrs)
Mining Contractors
Mining Equipment (Whls)
Misc Equipment-Rental & Leasing
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies (Whls)
Molds (Mfrs)
Motel & Hotel Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Motorcycles & Motor Scooters-Dealers
Mouldings-Injection (Mfrs)
Needlework & Needlework Materials-Retail
Non-Profit Organizations
Oil & Gas-Field Machinery/Equip (Mfrs)
Oil Burners-Manufacturers
Oil Field Equipment (Whls)
Oil Field Equipment-Manufacturers
Oil Field Service
Oil Marketers & Distributors (Whls)
Oil Well Equipment & Supplies-Renting
Oil Well Logging/Perforating Eqpt (Mfrs)
Oils Fuel Mfrs
Ornamental Metal Work (Mfrs)
Outdoor Sports
Ovens-Bakers (Mfrs)
Oxygen Producing Equipment (Whls)
Packaging Machinery-Manufacturers
Packaging Materials-Wholesale
Paper Products (Whls)
Patio & Deck Cleaning & Restoration
Pattern Makers (Mfrs)
Paving Materials
Pencil Sharpeners (Mfrs)
Perforated Metals Plastics Etc (Mfrs)
Petroleum Equipment (Mfrs)
Pharmaceutical Machinery (Mfrs)
Photographic Equipment-Manufacturers
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Whls
Picture Frames-Dealers
Pipe Bending & Fabricating (Mfrs)
Pipe Cutting & Threading (Mfrs)
Pipe Fittings (Whls)
Pipe Hangers (Mfrs)
Pipe Line Equipment
Pipe Lining & Coating (Mfrs)
Pipe-Plastic (Mfrs)
Pipe-Stainless (Mfrs)
Plastic Containers (Whls)
Plastics & Plastic Products (Mfrs)
Plastics-Extruders (Mfrs)
Plating (Mfrs)
Plating Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Plating-Gold & Silver (Mfrs)
Plumbing Contractors
Plumbing Fixture Fittings & Trim (Mfrs)
Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies-Mfrs
Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies-Wholesale
Pneumatic Equipment Components (Whls)
Popcorn Machines (Mfrs)
Potato Harvesting/Planting Equip (Mfrs)
Pottery Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Powder Coatings (Mfrs)
Powder Processing-Industrial (Mfrs)
Power-Driven Hand Tools (Mfrs)
Prefabricated Metal Buildings (Mfrs)
Prepackaged Software
Pressure Washing Equipment (Whls)
Printer Cartridges (Whls)
Printers (Mfrs)
Printing Equipment-Manufacturers
Property Maintenance
Pumps (Whls)
Pumps & Pumping Equipment (Mfrs)
Records-Management Consultants
Recreational Vehicles-Wholesale
Recycling Centers (Whls)
Recycling Equipment & Systems
Reels (Mfrs)
Refrigerating Equip Supls & Parts (Whls)
Refrigerating Equip-Commercial (Whls)
Refrigeration Equipment-Truck (Mfrs)
Restaurant Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Roofing Contractors
Rubber Stamps-Manufacturers
Safes & Vaults-Dealers
Safes & Vaults-Manufacturers
Saw Blades & Handsaws (Mfrs)
Screening & Sifting Equipment (Mfrs)
Screw Machine Products (Mfrs)
Seals-Oil/Grease & Etc (Mfrs)
Security Systems
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equip (Mfrs)
Semiconductors & Related Devices (Mfrs)
Septic Tanks/Systems-Cleaning/Repairing
Service Industry Machinery NEC (Mfrs)
Service Station Equipment-Manufacturers
Services NEC
Sheet Metal Fabricators (Mfrs)
Sheet Metal Work Contractors
Shelving (Whls)
Shopping Carts/Baskets & Bags-Mfrs
Siding Contractors
Siding Materials
Signs (Mfrs)
Skiing Equipment-Manufacturers
Smoke Stacks (Mfrs)
Snow Removal Equipment-Retail
Sod & Sodding Service
Solar Energy Equipment-Manufacturers
Solar Energy Equipment-Wholesale
Speed Changers-Ind-Drives & Gears (Mfrs)
Spraying Equipment-Manufacturers
Sprinklers-Automatic-Fire (Whls)
Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn-Manufacturers
Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn-Retail
Stainless Steel (Manufacturers)
Staples Staplers & Tackers (Whls)
Steel Detailers-Structural
Steel Joist (Mfrs)
Steel Processing (Mfrs)
Steel-Distributors & Warehouses (Whls)
Steel-Structural (Mfrs)
Textile Machinery (Mfrs)
Time Stamps (Mfrs)
Tool & Die Makers (Mfrs)
Tool Grinding-Industrial
Tools-Cutting (Whls)
Tools-Electric (Whls)
Tools-New & Used
Towers (Mfrs)
Tractor-Dealers (Whls)
Trailer Hitches-Manufacturers
Trailer-Manufacturers & Designers
Trailers-Automobile Utility-Mfrs
Tree Service Equipment & Supplies (Mfrs)
Truck Accessories (Whls)
Truck Bodies & Equipment (Whls)
Truck Bodies-Manufacturers
Truck Renting & Leasing
Truck-Repairing & Service
Trucks Ind Parts & Supplies Mfrs
Trucks-Industrial (Whls)
Tube Cleaning & Expanding Equip (Mfrs)
Tube-Bending & Fabricating (Mfrs)
Uniform Rental Service
Vacuum Cleaners-Industrial & Coml (Whls)
Vacuum Equipment & Systems-Mfrs
Vending Machines-Manufacturers
Waste Reduction Disposal Equip-Ind-Mfrs
Water & Sewage Companies-Utility
Water Companies-Bottled/Bulk & Etc
Water Jet Cutting (Mfrs)
Water Softening/Cond Equip Svc/Supl-Mfrs
Water Treatment Equip Svc & Supls
Water Treatment Equip Svc & Supls-Mfrs
Water Works Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Welding & Steel Fabrication
Welding Assemblies & Stamping (Mfrs)
Welding Equipment & Supplies (Whls)
Welding Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Wheel Alignment-Frame Svc-Equip-Mfrs
Windmills (Mfrs)
Window Coverings-Dealers
Wire Cloth (Mfrs)
Wire Products (Whls)
Wire Rope (Whls)
Woodworking Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs

Light Manufacturing Insurance Coverage

At no additional cost to you, we can work on your behalf to compare your current coverage with a wide range of insurance companies to see who has the best possible deal on your insurance.