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What our clients are saying about us

Mandi Henriod

Mandi Henriod of Intercap Lending always struggled working with other insurance agencies – they were too slow or unresponsive to meet her client's needs. Enter GRIT Insurance, who streamlined the whole process for Mandi's client's making this fast, easy and affordable for everyone. Want to learn how GRIT Insurance helped Mandi and Intercap Lending do this, please watch this video to find out how!

Mortgage Broker

Allison Olsen

Allison Olsen of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. works with GRIT Insurance to streamline their customer's success in getting their mortgage in a quick & effective manner. Please watch this video to learn more how GRIT Insurance helped Allison's Mortgage Brokerage make that entire process, fast, easy and affordable.

Mortgage Broker

Brian Pitcher

Brian Pitcher of Intermountain Home Buyers is a Real Estate Investor who specializes in Apartment buildings – GRIT's helped his business streamline by combining many different properties and dozens of different policies into 1, easy to manage policy and service team. If you have or work with multiple doors like Brian and his team, please how this video to learn more.

Real Estate Investor

Melissa Day

Over the past few years, we've had the pleasure of working with Melissa Day over at Capital Property Management – her property management company struggled with juggling too many different policies across their many business entities and client types. Watch this video to learn how we were able to work with her and solve the problem of too many policies.

Property Management

Robyn Mons

Robyn Mons was always uneasy about knowing if she had enough coverage before working with GRIT Insurance – watch this video to learn how accessible service and peace of mind changed how she thought about her family's personal insurance policies by working with GRIT.

Auto Insurance

Joshua Stern

Joshua Stern of The Stern Group is a Realtor and serial Entrepreneur, who not only works with GRIT Insurance Group for his own insurance policies but refers his own clients to them as well. Watch this video to learn how you can bring all of your policies under one roof.