Auto Service & Repair Shop Insurance

Auto service and repair shop insurance is a specialized industry of insurance that can protect against many different types of risks.

These risks might include:

- Property damage that the auto service and repair shop may do to other cars while repairing or servicing their customers' vehicles;

- Property damage to the ground on which they might be doing work;

- Premises liability, which protects them from responsibility for any accidents or injuries on their property;

- Worker's compensation for injuries incurred by employees while working at the auto service and repair shop; and - Product liability, which covers them in case they sell a product that hurts someone.

However, not all businesses are covered by the same types of coverage. For instance, an auto body repair business will need different

When it comes to auto repair shops, there are quite a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to insurance.

If you're an auto body shop, you might want to consider both liability and property damage coverage. Liability will protect your business from paying damages in the event that someone brings a lawsuit against your company for injuries or property damage. Property coverage will protect your business from being liable for any damages done by the vehicles under repair at the shop. Auto collision repair shops will need liability insurance, but they'll often also need full-coverage property insurance so that they have protection for all types of vehicle repairs.

Auto Service and Repair Shops should also have commercial trucking insurance, which is different than what standard collision-repair shops require. Commercial trucking companies do not worry

Auto Repair Shops provide auto repair, auto body repair, collision repair, custom motorcycle builder services and commercial truck repair. Auto shops are an essential part of the automotive industry.

Insurance protects the Auto Repair Shop business in case of damage or destruction due to fire, robbery, theft or vandalism. The insurance coverage should be designed in a way that will protect the entire business entity in case of any damage or destruction due to natural disasters.

An auto service and repair shop insurance is necessary to ensure that your business covers all eventualities in the event that something goes wrong.

Auto Service & Repair Shop Insurance

At no additional cost to you, we can work on your behalf to compare your current coverage with a wide range of insurance companies to see who has the best possible deal on your insurance.